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  • Auto Jacquard Weaving Machine
    Auto Jacquard Weaving Machine

    Equipped with PLC control system, New-Type weft straw guider, and Counting Meter

  • PP Straw Extruding Machine
    PP Straw Extruding Machine

    Special design for adjustable length of PP straw cutting is available upon request.

  • Warping Machine
    Warping Machine

    Warping Machine is for beaming warp yarn of PP mat, Drum-driven system, adjustable width for various weaving needs, Auto Stop Device when warp yarn breaking, Two-step warping speed. Special width (48" up) of beaming is available upon request.

  • Mixer

    Mixer is for mixing PP (virgin or recycled) with masterbatch/ carbonate to have PP straw with different colors. Mixing capacity: upon request (Ex. 150 ~ 500 kg).

  • PP Mat Sewing Machine
    PP Mat Sewing Machine

    Sewing Machine is for joining 2 or 3 pcs of mats together, including sewing head, stand, working table, and motor. It’s suitable for zig-zag stitching on mat joining. One-line type stitching is also available, for wrapping edge tape on mat's borders.

  • Water Cooling Tower and Pump
    Water Cooling Tower and Pump

    Water Cooling Tower and Pump is for water cooling.

  • Air Compressor
    Air Compressor

    Air Compressor is for supplying air to PP Straw Extruder.

  • Electronic Scale
    Electronic Scale

    Electronic Scale is for measuring mat weight, to control production cost.

  • PP Mat Design Card
    PP Mat Design Card

    Lots of designs are available upon request. Customized designs are welcome (please specify your size of PP mat). Blank paper cards are available.

  • Blank paper card
    Blank paper card

    Blank paper card, dimension: 21.6 x 4.7cm

  • Mat Heat Cutting Machine (Manual Type)
    Mat Heat Cutting Machine (Manual Type)

    This cutting machine is good for PP Rattan-Like mat and PP Straw Mat.

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