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After Service in Egypt

PP/PE woven bags are used for multiple purpose in packaging industry. The applications of PP/PE woven bags are wide variety of packing agricultural products, such as wheat, rice, flour, sugar, salt, fertilizer and animal feed. It is also extensively used for packing all kinds of industrial products, like chemical raw material, various plastic material... etc.

The features of PP/PE woven bags are durable, wear-resistant, reusable, light weight, and easy to dispose of or recycle.

TON KEY has been in this industry for more than 40 years and has many clients around the world. We supply turnkey project for PP woven sack production line from A to Z.

The major machines are including:
--High Speed PP Flat Yarn Making Machine
--Circular Loom
--Flexographic Printing Machine
--Automatic Bag Cutting & Sewing Machine
--Hydraulic Baling Press
--Bag Sewing Machine
--Bobbin Yarn Cutter
--Other Auxiliary Equipment

The turn-key we can supply is for total solution. It includes:
--Assistance of set up a complete factory
--Layout of factory and machine
--Water & electricity piping management
--Machine installation & maintenance
--Worker training
--Material & spare part supply
--Cost calculation
--Product evaluation (such as size, weight, denier...etc.)

Our machinery can be customized to meet different size of PP/PE woven bag. We do like to provide more information and assistance for the interested investors to make ultimate profits.

Flow Chart:

Successful Case:

In Africa, agriculture product is increasing in variety and numerous. Especially Egypt is an important country for producing and exporting cotton. So the demand of PP/PE woven bags is demanding continuously. Tonkey has been supplying machinery to Egypt. One of our customers is state-owned enterprises located in Baltim.

We guided them to set up a complete pp woven sack making plant successfully by our rich experiences and professional technology.

We not only supply them all machines to make PP woven sack. We also send our engineers to customer’s factory to install all machines, labor training and maintenance teaching. We are glad to receive customer’s positive feedback with our machinery in excellent performance and high productivity.




After Service in Egypt | Plastic Processing Machines Manufacturer | TON KEY

Located in Taiwan since 1987, TON KEY INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. has been a plastic processing machinery manufacturer. Their main processing machines, including PP Woven Mat Machinery, Plastic Waste Recycling Machinery, PP / PE Monofilament Rope Machinery, PP Fiber Rope (Polytwine) Making Plant, PP Woven Sack Machinery, PE Tarpaulin Making Equipment and Fan Guard Machinery, which are sold worldwide with solid reputation.

TON KEY INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. is a Specialist manufacturer / exporter of plastic processing machinery. Main Product: Plastic Recycling Machine, PP Rope Making Machine, PP Heavy Duty Packing Tape Making Machine, Needle Loom...etc. TON KEY's industrial plastic processing machines are built with alloy steel screw and T-Die for long-lasting efficiency and duration. They are also lightweight, water resistant, high strength and easy to operate.

TON KEY has been offering customers high-quality plastic processing machines and production lines, both with advanced technology and 30 years of experience, TON KEY ensures each customer's demands are met.