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  • High Speed PP Flat Yarn Making Machine
    High Speed PP Flat Yarn Making Machine
    TK-GE100-1000-156H (FW-350M)

    The design of High Speed PP Flat Yarn Making Machine is specially for producing PP flat yarn. The whole machine includes Extruder Unit, T-Die Unit, Quench Unit, Slitting Unit, Take-up Unit, Stretching Oven Unit, Winding Unit and other auxiliary equipment. The final product is used on the Circular Loom to weave the tubular woven fabric rolls. The advantages are high production efficiency, low energy consumption, less down time and loss reduction. The High Speed PP Flat Yarn Making Machine can be customized design to meet customer’s requirements.

  • Circular Loom
    Circular Loom
    TK-3/900SR, TK-4/800H, TK-6/900CR, TK-6/900HS, TK-6/850GB-R, TK-6/1500S, TK-8/1500SR, TK-8/2200

    Circular Loom is equipped with 6 shuttles or 8 shuttles (depends on the customer’s demand) and it is specially to make the tubular woven fabric rolls. Try our Band-Type new Circular Loom, Model: TK-6/850GB-R, enhancing production capacity, more energy saving, and much easier for maintenance and repair, in comparison with previous Cam-Type Circular Loom. The new PLC design can control production conditions, weft density, warp tension, synchronizing yarn feeding and take-up, experiencing the upgrade of operational efficiency.

  • Flexographic Printing Machine (Roll to Roll)
    Flexographic Printing Machine (Roll to Roll)

    Our Flexographic Printing Machine (Roll to Roll) has high production performance for printing PP or PE woven sacks. This machine is equipped the latest design of printing registration system for online adjustment when machine in running. No need to stop the machine for printing registration. The operating system is more humanized and instinct touch panel, becomes easier to use. Also, the safety covers and emergency stop device help avoid or reduce injury / damage.

  • Flexographic Printing Machine (Manual Feeding Type)
    Flexographic Printing Machine (Manual Feeding Type)

    The manual feeding type flexographic printing machine provides excellent performance for printing PP / PE woven sack. We have different model for printing from 2 color to 6 color. It is suitable for uncoated and coated woven sack. The max production capacity is 50 pc/min.

  • Automatic Bag Cutting & Sewing Machine
    Automatic Bag Cutting & Sewing Machine

    Automatic Bag Cutting & Sewing Machine is equipped with 90∘transfer grippers, two servo motor, and touch screen operation for excellent performance. The machine capacity is 30 ~ 45 bags/minute (depend on the bag size and stitching range) and the cutting length is adjustable from 500 to 1,350 mm. The Sewing Unit has single stitching and double stitching for customer selection.

  • Automatic Bag Cutting & Sewing Machine (Gusseting Type)
    Automatic Bag Cutting & Sewing Machine (Gusseting Type)

    Auto Bag Cutting & Sewing Machine (Gusseting Type) includes Gusseting Device, Cutting Unit Folding & Sewing Unit and Stack & Delivery Unit. It is suitable for PP Woven bag with lamination or without lamination. The machine capacity is 30~ 40 bags/ min and the cutting length is adjustable from 500 to 1,400 mm. We also provide Automatic Bag Cutting & Sewing Machine and Automatic Bag Cutting- Sewing- Printing Machine for your various needs.

  • Automatic Bag Cutting Machine
    Automatic Bag Cutting Machine

    Automatic Bag Heat Cutting Machine is applied for cutting PP woven bag. This machine is stable in performance, and easy in operation. We have different machine model for different cutting length.

  • Lamination Machine
    Lamination Machine

    The lamination machine is especially for coating PP or PE on Woven Fabric, BOPP Film, Kraft Paper, etc. We have single side model, double sides model and turn bar device model for lamination machine.

  • Horizontal Plastic Pellet Mixer
    Horizontal Plastic Pellet Mixer

    Horizontal Plastic Pellet Mixer is suitable for plastic raw material, color mixing and master batch mixture. The stirring type is Spiral type.

  • Bobbin Yarn Cutter
    Bobbin Yarn Cutter
    Waste Yarn Cutter, Bobbin Yarn Cutting Machine

    Instead of using manual blade or electric hot wire to clean waste yarn in the bobbins, the Bobbin Yarn Cutter can cut the waste yarn quickly and automatically. The operation is quite easy; you just need to put bobbins with waste yarn into the machine. The machine will separate the waste yarn and bobbins automatically by heated blades. 1. Alum bobbin: 25 pcs/min (Depending on the thickness of thread on the bobbins) 2. Power: Inverter Motor 1/2 HP 3. Machine Size (L x W x H): 2280 x 620 x 1670 mm

  • Hydraulic Baling Press
    Hydraulic Baling Press

    Our Hydraulic Baling Press model includes 30 tons and 60 tons. You can simply press buttons to operate the machine for baling woven sacks. Then cross strapping for making tighter and tidier bales. The advantages of hydraulic baling press are operating efficiency, and save space.

  • Portable Bag Closer
    Portable Bag Closer

    The Newlong NP-7A is a high speed, hand-held portable bag closer. Equipped with a safety plastic handle, steel cam and automatic thread cutting. Designed for continuous operation, the single thread chain stitch can let you open the bag easily by pulling the thread. The automatic oiling system can lubricate moving components. An optional overhead suspended spring balancer is available.

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