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After Service in Indonesia

PP Woven Mat Making Plant

Successful Case: Customer in Indonesia

There is a manufacturing group of various plastic products from Indonesia. The factory is located in Medan, the capital of Sumatra Province, Indonesia. They produced plastic bags, plastic ropes and other plastic products, etc. The required plastic raw materials are about thousands of tons. Of course, they get some quantity waste from production daily. In order to solve the huge plastic waste generated in the producing process, recycling machine is used to produce the plastic waste into recycled plastic pellets.

For achieving the purpose of recycling and reusing plastic waste, they learned that 100% recycled plastic pellets can be worked by our weaving for producing PP mats. After evaluation, they purchased weaving machines and other related whole plant equipment from Ton Key. In a short they quickly set up a PP mat making plant to start producing and selling PP mats.

As we know Indonesia is located in Southeast Asia, it is the largest archipelagic country in the world and also is a Muslim country with the largest population, so the market demand is huge. These plastic mats are used for country people widely. So their mat product can be sold spreadly to many islands in Indonesia. Especially the countryside in large demand and various applications of PP mat, such as decoration mat, praying mat, table mat in night market, seat mat, bedding mat, floor mat, beach mat, picnic mat, etc.

Gradually they become the bestseller, The sales amount and the profits are getting better year by year. They purchased more weaving machines and expanded the factory. Currently, the quantities of weaving machines in Medan have reached more than 300 sets. Further, they set up second factory in Jakarta. Up to now, they own total more than 400 weaving machines in two factories

The above successful case is about using recycled plastic pellets to produce PP mats and earning huge profits.

After Service in Indonesia | Plastic Processing Machines Manufacturer | TON KEY

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