PE Tarpaulin Making Equipment

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PE Tarpaulin Making Equipment

Tarpaulin Making Machine

PE Tarpaulin Making Equipment
PE Tarpaulin Making Equipment

Tarpaulin is widely used for multi-purpose because it has the following features: lightweight, water resistant, high strength, convenient handling. The applications of tarpaulin are in a wide range, such as commercial, construction, agricultural, horticultural, domestic use and camping..., etc.
Our Tarpaulin Making Machinery includes hot welding, hemming, cutting and eyelet punching of the fabric. Please let us know your requirements, we would provide you with the suitable Tarpaulin turnkey project.

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  • Hemming and Welding Machine - Hemming and Welding Machine is to fold back and weld the edge of cloth with rope.
    Hemming and Welding Machine

    Hemming and Welding Machine can weld hem from beginning to end. The hemming function can increase the part stiffness and eliminate the acute edge. According to the fabric material and thickness, the welding temperature is adjustable.

  • Hot Air Welding Machine - Hot Air Welding Machine is using hot air to weld tarpaulin.
    Hot Air Welding Machine

    Our Hot Air Welding Machine is for overlap and seam welding, It includes temperature control device and independent air blower. The temperature setting can be adjusted, according to fabric character (PE/PVC), fabric thickness and machine speed. There are different types of Hot Air Welding Machine, such as Mini Air Hot Seamed Machine, Mini Welding Machine, Hot Hemming and Welding Machine…,etc.

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PE Tarpaulin Making Equipment Manufacturer - TON KEY

TON KEY INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD., since 1987, is a PE Tarpaulin Making Equipment manufacturer of tarpaulin, PP woven mat, woven sack and monofilament rope located in Taiwan.

PP Woven Mat | Woven Sack | Monofilament Rope industrial machinery built with alloy steel screw and T-Die for long-lasting efficiency and duration. Lightweight, water resistant, high strength and easy operate PP, PE woven mat & sack manufacturing equipment.

TON KEY has been offering customers high-quality women mat, sack sheet and monofilament rope processing machinery and production line design and manufacturing, both with advanced technology and 30 years of experience, TON KEY ensures each customer's demands are met.

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