Hydraulic Forming Machine

Hydraulic Forming Machine


  • ME-103

Hydraulic Press Machine

Hydraulic Forming Machine
Hydraulic Forming Machine

The function of the Hydraulic Forming Machine is used to Press out the shape of the fan guard (Produce: 12 sec. / pc).

Function Device

・Control Device
・Photoelectric Eye
・Adjusting Bolt
・Oil Tank
・Oil Pipe
・Pressure Gauge (Lower CY.)
・Pressure Gauge
・Pressure Valve
・Flow Valve (Lower CY.)


Fan Guard Making Machines - Hydraulic Forming Machine (without mold)
Model: ME-103 (12" ~ 24")

Item No.DescriptionSpecification
1.Capacity5 HP
2.Main Power Voltage440V 3 Phase
3.Oil CylinderΦ 125
4.Pressure ForceMax. 1200 kg
5.Oil Tank180 L
6.Cooling MethodWater Cooling (50 L/min.)
7.Power LineCopper Wire 5 mm² 20A Breaker
8.Produce12 sec./pc
9.Dimension220 x 100 x 225 cm
10.Weight1650 kg
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Hydraulic Forming Machine

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Hydraulic Forming Machine Manufacturer - TON KEY

TON KEY INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD., since 1987, is a Hydraulic Forming Machine manufacturer of tarpaulin, PP woven mat, woven sack and monofilament rope located in Taiwan.

PP Woven Mat | Woven Sack | Monofilament Rope industrial machinery built with alloy steel screw and T-Die for long-lasting efficiency and duration. Lightweight, water resistant, high strength and easy operate PP, PE woven mat & sack manufacturing equipment.

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