Automatic Bag Cutting & Sewing Machine

Automatic Bag Cutting & Sewing Machine


  • TKCS-2012/EM/CH
Auto Bag Cutting & Sewing Machine
Auto Bag Cutting & Sewing Machine

Automatic Bag Cutting & Sewing Machine is equipped with 90° Bag Transfer Gripper, two Servo motors and PLC control system for easy operation. The machine capacity is 30 ~ 45 bags / min and the cutting length is adjustable from 500 to 1,400 mm. We also provide Automatic Bag Heat Cutting Machine and Automatic Bag Heat Cutting- Sewing- Printing Machine to meet different needs.

Diameter of Unwinding Cloth1400 mm (Maximum)
Width of Unwinding Cloth350 – 850 mm Applicable
Cutting Length500 – 1400 mm Applicable
Cutting Length Accuracy± 1 mm
Production Capacity30 – 45 bag/min. (Depending on the bag size)
1st Feeding Roller1 HP AC Motor + Inverter
2nd Feeding Roller3 HP Servo Motor
Cutting KnifeFlat Type / Cold Cutting System / Zigzag Type
Bag Mouth Auto-Open Device1 set
90° Transfer Unit2 set
Sewing UnitNew Long DKN-3BP
Stitching Range5 – 9 mm
Folding Width20 – 30 mm (Adjustable)
Sewing Machine Driven Motor1 HP AC Motor + Inverter
Main Conveyor Driven Motor1 HP AC Motor + Inverter
Bag Delivery (Every 25 or 50 bags)Counting Stack Type Belt Conveyor
Bag Delivery Driven Motor1/2 HP AC Motor with Magnetic Brake
Control SystemDisplay Screen Interface
EPC (Edge Position Controller)1 set (Hydraulic Type)
Mark Reading Sensor (for Pre- Printed Roll)1 set
Power Consumption11.5 KW
Dimension (L x W x H)5,050 x 4,200 x 1,250 mm
Weight2,800 kg

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Automatic Bag Cutting & Sewing Machine Manufacturer - TON KEY

TON KEY INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD., since 1987, is a Automatic Bag Cutting & Sewing Machine manufacturer of tarpaulin, PP woven mat, woven sack and monofilament rope located in Taiwan.

PP Woven Mat | Woven Sack | Monofilament Rope industrial machinery built with alloy steel screw and T-Die for long-lasting efficiency and duration. Lightweight, water resistant, high strength and easy operate PP, PE woven mat & sack manufacturing equipment.

TON KEY has been offering customers high-quality women mat, sack sheet and monofilament rope processing machinery and production line design and manufacturing, both with advanced technology and 30 years of experience, TON KEY ensures each customer's demands are met.

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