PP Woven Mat Machinery

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PP Woven Mat Machinery

Flow Chat of PP Woven Mat Production Line
Flow Chat of PP Woven Mat Production Line

PP Woven Mat is generally used for pray, Interior decoration (floor mat, wall decoration, table mat), and leisure (beach mat, outdoor blanket) etc.

Since 2016, the loom has been greatly upgraded, and its stability, reliability, and productivity are well recognized in the market.

Now, 9 models are available for different mat width requirement: 90 cm, 120 cm, 150 cm, 180 cm, 200 cm, 220 cm, 250 cm, 270 cm and 300 cm.

Just let us know your mat width and ideal output (pc/hr. or pc/day), and we can provide you complete proposal (all machines and accessories required).

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Please feel free to let us know if you need any further information about PP Woven Mat Production Line.

Also, please let us know what kind of product, size and capacity would you like to produce to provide suitable solution for you.

we are willing to share our experience to you for helping you to complete your production line and production efficiency increasing.

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  • Auto Jacquard Weaving Machine - Auto Jacquard Weaving Machine, Model: V-TY-36AL
    Auto Jacquard Weaving Machine
    V-TY-36AL, V-TY-48AL, V-TY-60AL, V-TY-72AL, V-TY-78AL, V-TY-86AL, V-TY-98AL, V-TY-106AL, V-TY-120AL

    New feature of weaving machine: New-Type Imichi (Weft Straw Guider), Auto Control Panel, Counting Meter and PLC Control System to increase production efficiency. The advantage of all devices is to effect the production output highly and good on management. We have been improving and upgrading the quality of machine yearly. The target we already achieved it is: --Our machine can work with 100% recycled PP. --Machine running is smoothly. --Easy operation and maintenance. --Machine is with strong construction and durable components that can last long time. --Warp yarn automatic feeding. --Automatic Stop Device, for warp yarn breaking or weft straw missing. --The Jacquard Card set (on the top of machine) provides various designs woven on the mat, up to 4 different colors of straw (Max.). Customized design upon request. --Tough accessory, no breaking or bending under normal operation. --The height of machine base provides more space for maintenance job.

  • PP Straw Extruding Machine - PP Straw Extruding Machine, with Water Colling Tank and Cutter, Model: V-TY-65M
    PP Straw Extruding Machine
    V-TY-35M, V-TY-50M, V-TY-65M

    The PP Straw Extruding Machine can work with 100% recycled PP. We supervise the quality and processing treatment of each spare parts strictly to ensure that the machine is assembled with excellent accessories and provided good operation. Therefore, the pp straw is produced efficiently through the machine’s high standard and its stability. We also supply optional equipment for customer selection, including: Automatic Loader with Vacuum Hopper, Screen Changers with Hydraulic Tank, Automatic Cutter (special design for adjustable length of PP straw cutting is available upon request.)

  • Warping Machine - Warping Machine
    Warping Machine

    Warping Machine is warping yarn (polyester, multifilament yarn) setting machine in beam for producing PP mat. The advantages are: --Drum-driven System which is adjustable width for various weaving needs. --Automatic Stop Device when warp yarn breaking. --Two-step warping speed. --Special width (48" up) of beaming is available upon request. --Easy operation and maintenance. --The machine is assembled by sturdy components that can last for long time under normal operation.

  • Horizontal Plastic Pellet Mixer - Horizontal Plastic Pellet Mixer, Model: V-TY-6R
    Horizontal Plastic Pellet Mixer

    Mixing capacity: upon request (Ex. 150 ~ 500 kg).

  • PP Mat Sewing Machine - Sewing Machine, Model: V-TY-5N
    PP Mat Sewing Machine

    Sewing Machine is for joining 2 or 3 pcs of mats together, including sewing head, stand, working table, and motor. It’s suitable for zig-zag stitching on mat joining. One-line type stitching is also available, for joining the edge tape on mat's borders.

  • Water Cooling Tower and Pump - Water Cooling Tower and Pump, Model: LBC-50RT (50 tons) + 5HP-3" (2 sets)
    Water Cooling Tower and Pump

    Water Cooling Tower and Pump is for water cooling for Extruder.

  • Air Compressor - Air Compressor
    Air Compressor

    Air Compressor is the device that converts power.

  • Electronic Scale - Electronic Scale
    Electronic Scale

    Weight Scale is for measuring mat weight, to control the production cost.

  • Mat Heat Cutting Machine (Manual Type) - Mat Heat Cutting Machine
    Mat Heat Cutting Machine (Manual Type)

    This Cutting Machine is good for PP Mat and PP Rattan-Like Mat.

  • Hydraulic Baling Press - Pressing finished woven Mats into solid bundles.
    Hydraulic Baling Press

    Hydraulic Baling Press is for PP mat baling.

  • PP Mat Design Card - Design Card
    PP Mat Design Card

    Lots of designs are available upon request. Customized designs are welcome (please specify your size of PP mat). Blank paper cards are also available.

  • Blank Paper Card - Blank Paper Card (21.6 x 4.7cm)
    Blank Paper Card

    Blank paper card, dimension: 21.6 x 4.7cm

  • Design Card Strings - Design Card String (1kg/roll)
    Design Card Strings

    Specification is 1kg/roll

  • No.452 Pattern Strings (White) - No.452 Pattern Strings (3 kg/roll, White)
    No.452 Pattern Strings (White)

    Specification is (3 kg/roll, White)

  • No.453 Change Strings (Black & White) - No.453 Change Strings (3 kg/roll, Black & White)
    No.453 Change Strings (Black & White)

    Specification is (3 kg/roll, Black & White)

  • Warp Yarn for PP Woven Mat - Warp Yarn, for PP Woven Mat
    Warp Yarn for PP Woven Mat

    Polyester Yarn 16/2: Strength 2.5 kg, Polyester Yarn 18.5/3: Strength 3.0 kg, Polyester Yarn 300Dx3: Strength 3.6 kg

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PP Woven Mat Machinery Manufacturer - TON KEY

TON KEY INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD., since 1987, is a PP Woven Mat Machinery manufacturer of tarpaulin, PP woven mat, woven sack and monofilament rope located in Taiwan.

PP Woven Mat | Woven Sack | Monofilament Rope industrial machinery built with alloy steel screw and T-Die for long-lasting efficiency and duration. Lightweight, water resistant, high strength and easy operate PP, PE woven mat & sack manufacturing equipment.

TON KEY has been offering customers high-quality women mat, sack sheet and monofilament rope processing machinery and production line design and manufacturing, both with advanced technology and 30 years of experience, TON KEY ensures each customer's demands are met.

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