Strong Crushing Machinery

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Strong Crushing Machinery

Strong Crushing Machinery
Strong Crushing Machinery

Powerful Crushers are suitable for crushing various types of material, such as rubber, wire, cable, timber, fiber, paper, glass, medicine, tea, feed, resin, plastic material (plastic waste of scrape, film, lump…) etc.

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  • Strong Crushing Machine - Model: TK-A Type Series, TK-C Types Series, TK-AB Type Series. We have variety models for the solution of different materials.
    Strong Crushing Machine

    According to different material characters, the crusher design can be customized.Please provide us your material information, such as material photo(s), the original size of material, material hardness, the expected size for final goods, etc. We will suggest you suitable crusher machine model.

  • Grinding Machine - Grinding Machine
    Grinding Machine

    Our Grinding Machine can adjust the sharpening angle for different size of blades. By sharpening blades regularly, you can increase blade life and reduce your costs.

  • Hydraulic Cutting Machine - Hydraulic Cutting Machine is for cutting big size plastic products into smaller pieces.
    Hydraulic Cutting Machine

    Hydraulic Cutting Machine is for cutting mass and solid hard materials such as waste of extruder, PVC pipe, tire and bulky waste.

  • Strong Breaker - We have different types of Strong Breaker.  In addition, we can do the custom design for your shredding needs.
    Strong Breaker

    Strong Breaker has strong crushing capacity and high efficiency for breaking waste materials. You can put the waste materials from the inlet. After processing by the strong breaker, the waste materials will be broken into smaller pieces. We can offer you the suitable machine model for your specific needs.

  • Crushing Blade - Crushing Blade
    Crushing Blade

    - Crushing Blade

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Strong Crushing Machinery Manufacturer - TON KEY

TON KEY INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD., since 1987, is a Strong Crushing Machinery manufacturer of tarpaulin, PP woven mat, woven sack and monofilament rope located in Taiwan.

PP Woven Mat | Woven Sack | Monofilament Rope industrial machinery built with alloy steel screw and T-Die for long-lasting efficiency and duration. Lightweight, water resistant, high strength and easy operate PP, PE woven mat & sack manufacturing equipment.

TON KEY has been offering customers high-quality women mat, sack sheet and monofilament rope processing machinery and production line design and manufacturing, both with advanced technology and 30 years of experience, TON KEY ensures each customer's demands are met.

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